The Sparkle Method to Home Organization, Clutter Control, and ADHD Skill Building

Home Organizer Carlsbad, NM: Your Path to a Clutter-Free Life

Introducing Sparkle Home Organizing

Sparkle Home Organizing, formerly known as Seattle Sparkle, is expanding its reach! Founder Jean Prominski, a nationally recognized expert in home organizing and ADHD skill-building, has relocated to Carlsbad, New Mexico. Now, residents of Carlsbad can benefit from Jean's expertise in person. In addition to in-person sessions, Jean offers special events, virtual appointments, and media interviews to share her proven home organizing tips, innovative hacks, and clutter control solutions.

You deserve to feel peace, joy, and inspiration, liberating yourself from:

  • the frustration of constantly looking for lost items
  • the fear of throwing away something you’ll eventually need
  • the anxiety of having to deal with a preponderance of stuff
  • The embarrassment of welcoming guests into a cluttered home
  • Isolation, shame and regret

Professional Home Organizer in Carlsbad, NM 

Jean Prominski brings her unique Sparkle Method to Carlsbad, providing residents with a professional home organizing service tailored to their needs. The Sparkle Method is renowned for its effectiveness in helping individuals manage their clutter and build essential skills to maintain an organized home. Whether you're struggling with clutter due to ADHD or just need a systematic approach to home organization, Jean's professional home organizing service in Carlsbad is here to help.

Home Organizing Service Carlsbad: Experience the Sparkle Method 

Jean's home organizing service in Carlsbad offers a comprehensive approach to decluttering and organizing your space. By focusing on practical and sustainable methods, the Sparkle Method ensures long-term success in maintaining an organized home. Jean's approach is personalized to meet the unique needs of each client, making it an ideal solution for anyone looking to achieve a clutter-free life.

I have the skills, training, tools, and compassion to help clients with both temporary or life event-based Situational Disorganization and longer-term, deeper-rooted Chronic Disorganization.

Are you ready to learn some new skills, feel more confident, and get organized? Your fresh start begins here!

Learn more about our Services. Meet Jean. Explore our exclusive content library. Join our online community. Read Jean’s media interviews and watch her TV appearances.

Professional Home Organizing Service Carlsbad: Benefits of the Sparkle Method 

Jean Prominski's professional home organizing service in Carlsbad offers numerous benefits:

  • Peace of Mind: Eliminate the frustration of constantly searching for lost items.
  • Confidence: Overcome the fear of discarding something you might need later.
  • Calmness: Reduce the anxiety associated with dealing with an overwhelming amount of stuff.
  • Pride: Feel comfortable welcoming guests into a clutter-free home.
  • Freedom: Break free from feelings of isolation, shame, and regret.

Clutter Organizer Carlsbad: Your Solution to Clutter Control 

If clutter is taking over your life, Jean Prominski's clutter organizing services in Carlsbad can provide the relief you need. With her expertise and the Sparkle Method, Jean helps clients take control of their environment, making it easier to manage daily tasks and improve overall quality of life.

Contact Sparkle Home Organizing Today 

Are you ready to transform your home and life with the help of a professional home organizer in Carlsbad? Contact Sparkle Home Organizing today to schedule your session with Jean Prominski and start your journey towards a clutter-free, organized home.

  • As a neurodiverse couple (ADHD and anxiety), we had been putting off dealing with this chore for years! We simply couldn't have imagined how quick and painless Jean would make it. She has such an enlightened, patient and empathetic approach. Jean totally changed with way we feel about our place, in only a couple of hours. Don't overthink this one, just fill out the form, you won't regret it! - K.W. & A.S.
  • I'm so honored to have met you. Working with you was such a dream. Going to miss you and you're "Mad Skills" in organizing. I learned a lot in our short time together. It will take me a long way.
    -Kate M.
  • Thanks for not giving up on me. The support I miss is when we talked, your laugh and kindness always made me feel so supported and you give such good energy without judgment. That was my fave, working through some of the things I couldn’t let go of. I see the neighbor kid with the baby clothes and toys outside and I smile and not one part of me regrets getting it out of our house. That was so hard to imagine I’d ever do. We continue to gift books we read and we stock up on board games from when you told me to pull out the board games, it’s changed our family dynamic too. We sit there and play when we are stressed about my health or other things, even sick you can sit on the floor and play a game of Trouble. Anyway, that was something you changed for me that always reminds me of how accepting help is super hard but it’s priceless because others can see things clearly when you cannot.

    -A Happy Client

  • Jean is a great listener with thoughtful ideas for getting organized. She brings an array of skills to her work and offers practical suggestions that are truly helpful. I highly recommend contacting Jean to help get organized at home, at work or with a creative project! -A Happy Client
  • Jean deftly helped my husband and I get out of the disorder that was our garage. She helped us organize it as well as the rest of our home, to get it decluttered in general and also specifically in preparation for a transatlantic move. As someone who struggles with getting rid of things due to attributing sentimentality to everyyyything, finding Jean was a complete blessing! She helped us in every aspect of our belongings from clothes, to our office, to the kitchen and every tiny thing such as parting with coffee mugs and where and how to store things like rubber bands. She aided us in tackling overarching aspects like what organization tools to employ and how to strategize for our move. We highly recommend Jean Prominski. She is organized in her methodology, she is knowledgeable about what she does, she is punctual, she is compassionate, and she did a great job working with my husband and myself and each of our goals. Kudos to Jean and thank you a million times over! -Kylee K.
  • I enjoyed working with you! You've been really patient with me helping me be more organized. Thanks Jean!   -Kristin H.